198 Neanderthal Nostalgia Trip


Sean spends a week in a (very nice) cave and recounts his exploration of Cappadocia/Kapadokya.

197 The Calculus of Detergent Choices


Taking a page from a different genre of podcast to try something new, Elias and Sean look at the economics of budget airlines.

196 Americafast


The 2021 Yearly Themes episode

195 A Spark in a Jar (Revisited)


Elias eats bread and ice cream in a historical German naval town. Then Sean and Elias discuss this recut of episode 191 as a prototype 10-ish minute travel episode.

194 Lazy Design Cycle


Elias and Sean share mood boards to convey what they hope to create in “Breadcrumbs 2.0” and Sean experiments with audio clips for the same purpose. Elias has a confession to make.

193 Healthy Dose of Self-Awareness


Elias and Sean watch and discuss a TED Talk about creativity, the addiction to getting attention, and focusing on the things that matter.

192 Lousy Also-Ran Pineapple Can


Elias and Sean continue the discussion about the future of Breadcrumbs—considering the limits of what they could create, the cornerstone of a new show, and the idea of a structural framework as a podcast’s premise.

191 A Spark in a Jar


Sean queries Elias about his trip to the German coast.

190 Lower-Stake Legos


Elias and Sean talk about things being like Legos and then talk through the common building blocks of podcasts—all to set up discussion about the future of the show.

189 Six Months of Lazy


Elias and Sean review the year so far and look ahead to the next four months.